What Does THC Percentage Mean?

Most people have heard about THC and CBD, but they may not understand how the THC or CBD percentage relates to them. 

In this short article, we are going to learn more about this. It’s important that patients understand products so they can make the best selection for their needs. If you know anyone that may be interested in this topic, go ahead and tag them in the comments, or share this info to them.


Alright, so what exactly does the THC percentage indicate? You’ll notice that many strains of cannabis products show the THC percentage. Well first, let’s do a quick refresher on exactly what THC is.

THC, which stands for Tetrahydrocannabinol, is the compound found in cannabis flower that creates the psychoactive high feeling that has made marijuana famous. THC is the only compound found in the cannabis plant that has psychoactive properties, but THC also contains many therapeutic properties as well. Some of the therapeutic properties include pain relief, nausea and vomiting calmer, muscle relaxant, mood enhancer, appetite stimulant, and sleep aid.


THC percentage helps give an understanding as to how much THC is in flower or a product. The typical range is from .3% to around 25% THC. 

 If you buy flower that test low on THC- like around 5% or less, then that strain is going to have more CBD usually. However, the higher THC strains usually have less CBD. Why is this important? 

 Most people want to get the most high THC strain, but if you’re looking for medical benefits, it’s been shown in most medical studies that a balanced blend of THC and CBD provides the most therapeutic benefit. 


Many patients also believe that the highest THC is going to provide them with the best experience. This is usually not the case. 

What make’s the biggest difference within a strain is the terpene profile. Terpenes are unique compounds that provide many different benefits, such as taste, smell, and therapeutic benefist. They really affect the experience that the strain will have. If people had the choice between a high THC strain (lets say 25%) that had a weak terpene profile, and a lower THC strain (say 15%) with a rich terpene profile, most people would end up enjoying the terpene rich strain much more. 

This is because strains or products that have rich terpene profiles usually are higher quality strains, meaning that they have better plant genetics, and that the plant was grown, dried and cured in a high quality manner. 


Ok, so your in a dispensary and someone tells you that a strain has 20% THC, now what? 

Well- here is how knowing this percentage can help you. 

First, you can ask your budtender- how much CBD does this strain contain? This will help you gauge how balanced the strain is. A strain that has more CBD, or a balanced amount (say 10% THC, and 10% CBD), is not going to create such a strong psychoactive effect. This is because CBD helps reduce the psychoactive effect of THC. You also know that a strain or product with more CBD could be more helpful for you medical condition. 

 Now, as a general rule of thumb, 10% THC or under is considered low, meaning you will not feel the effects as strongly. This is a great place to start for most first time patients. 

 20% THC would be considered a pretty strong product, meaning that you would feel the effects more strongly. 

 If you suffer from severe pain, you may need a strain with a higher THC percentage. 

 Now, another important question to ask you budtender is- “What strains do you have information on regarding terpenes?” or “What strains do you carry have a fuller terpene profile?” Like we mentioned earlier, terpenes are a critical element to cannabis that most people don’t pay attention too. THC percentage get’s all the attention, but really you want to focus on the entire make-up of the plant. 

 Cannabis has so much to offer, so it’s really selling the plant short if you only pay attention to THC. 

 Now- if you go into a dispensary and the budtender does not know about terpenes, you probably want to find a place that is informed on terpene profiles and such. If your looking for a dispensary which has knowledgeable employees, check our Dr Z Leaf. We try our best to be knowledgeable about cannabis so that we have the best chance of helping each person that walks in. If your wanting to find a dispensary in Tulsa, give us a visit. We have two locations- one at 71st and memorial by the woodland hills mall, and one near midtown at 31st & harvard. 


Ok, so most edible products go by how many MG of THC are in the product, rather than percentage. So edible products will typically have somewhere around 5MG or 10MG per serving. So how much should you take? 

 We always encourage first time patients to start out with 5mg. Wait a day and see how you respond to that. It’s important to remember that with cannabis and THC, every person is going to respond differently. 5mg may be just right for one person, but not do anything for another. It’s important to start with low doses and slowly titrate up. 

 After you try 5mg and tolerate that well, you can move up to 7.5 or 10 milligrams and see how you respond to that. 

 It can take a little bit of time to figure out what amount of THC you enjoy the best and that is most helpful. 


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