We are so excited about this topic because it is super interesting, and can benefit so many patients! Have you ever heard the term AVB before? If you haven’t, it literally just means “already vaped bud.”


Already vaped bud is a term for cannabis that been decarbed and has activated THC. 

There are a couple of different ways that someone can decarb their cannabis, and the most popular way is in the oven. Decarbing is actually the first step when making edibles! You just take your cannabis, grind it up, put it on a baking sheet with some aluminum foil, and bake at 225 degrees fahrenheit for 45 minutes, and then let cool for 30 minutes. Once this process is done, your cannabis will have successfully been decarbed, meaning that the THC is activated, and it is ready to be used for cooking.

Now that is just the most popular way to decarb, but there are other ways as well.

Do any of y’all have a cannabis vaporizer? If so, you decarb your cannabis every time you vaporize!

When you use a vaporizer, such as a PAX, which is a handheld vaporizer, or a Volcano Vaporizer, which is a much bigger vaporizer, you are getting the most out of your cannabis!

You see, when you use the oven method, you do not get medicate with the cannabis AND cook with it, you can only cook with it. However, with the vaporizer method, you get to medicate with your cannabis, and then save up your AVB to cook with at a later time! 

So with a PAX or a Volcano, each vaporizer has a small bowl on the base where you insert your cannabis. Then the PAX and Volcano will heat up the cannabis within the bowl, you smoke the vaporized product, and when you are finished, simply save the AVB in a container of your choosing until you have your desired amount saved up.

 So, now that we have addressed the different ways to decarb your bud, now we’re going to address the different ways you can use your AVB! Spoiler, you can use it for way more than just baking.


Of course, you can use your AVB to bake some edible brownies if that is what you want to do. However, you can also use it to simply season your food. For instance, it’s super popular to use AVB as a seasoning for salmon! Since the THC is already activated, you will essentially be eating THC infused salmon, simply by sprinkling your AVB on top of your salmon.

 If you don’t want to take the time to bake your THC into your foods, you can literally just sprinkle your AVB onto any food and make it an infused food product, because the AVB’s THC is activated and ready to go. 

 Another option for your AVB is putting it into capsules to swallow, because some people do not like the taste of AVB. It definitely has a very herbal taste that some people tend to way to steer clear of, and for those types of patients, the capsule method may be for you. 

 Now this is the coolest way to use your ABV, in my opinion. How does homemade infused coffee or tea sound? All you have to do is sprinkle your AVB in your coffee grounds before you run your pot of coffee, or put your ABV in a reusable tea bag for a relaxing night cap. The taste of coffee completely covers up the taste of your AVB, and mixing the AVB tea bag with some honey and lemon does the trick for covering up the cannabis taste in your tea. 

 There are so many different uses for your AVB, and it just takes some trial and error to find out what way works best for you. If you all have any questions about AVB, or any other subject related to cannabis, be sure to reach out to Dr Z Leaf. We are a dispensary with two locations in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Visit our website to learn more!