What Are Edibles?

We Go Over 4 Tips For Patients That Are New To Edibles or Cannabis

Edibles can be a great choice for new cannabis patients. They are very easy to take, and many times very tasty! They are also strong and produce more “body” effects, meaning they can be helpful if you suffer from pain, nausea or appetite loss. But, there are important things you need to be aware of if you are going to consume edibles. 


  1. Edibles are simply foods that have been infused with cannabis. Typically this is with cannabis oil that has been used as an ingredient to the product.


There are many different kinds of products. You have baked goods – like our White Rabbit “Bad Bunny Brownies.” You have gummies and chocolates, which are also very popular. But there are many other types of edibles. We have some unique products, like Okie Nice Ice Cream, and many other products.

Choosing a product has more to do than just what item you crave the most. You should think about how the product is made. For example, some edibles can be strain specific, or what they call full spectrum. This simply means that the edibles has a complete terpene and cannabinoid profile from the flower that was used to source the cannabis oil. This is preferred, but it can be very hard to find. Most edibles are made with distillate oil. This is a very pure and refined cannabis oil, but a lot of times the terpenes and cannabinoids get left out. 

If you have any questions or are confused about this- you can always visit Dr Z leaf and talk with a cannabis consultant (aka bud tender). One of us will be happy to help you out!


Dosing is what gets most people in trouble with edibles, and it’s probably one of the most important things that we try to educate patients about. 

Edibles are very strong, and they can also take 1-3 hours to take full effect. What happens is that many people don’t feel the effects right away, so they end up taking a second or 3rd dose when they haven’t given that first dose a chance to kick in! This is why many people end up having a bad experience with edibles. 

How can you avoid this? Start out with a 5mg of THC dosing, and don’t take more than that your first time. Again, do not take more than one dose your first time. Wait until the next day before you move up your dose. If you tolerate 5mg well, then the next day move up to 7.5 or 10 mg. Many times 10mg will provide the therapeutic effect that people are looking for. 

Continue to adjust your dosing carefully over a period of days. The motto we like to use is “start low and go slow” 


Timing is another big factor that you need to know about edibles. Like we mentioned earlier, edibles take anywhere from 1-3 hours to fully kick in. Also they can last up to 10 hours sometimes. So be aware of this. Inhaling cannabis usually take 15 minutes or less to take full effect, many times it’s immediate. However, it only lasts around an hour, but edibles can last several hours. 


It’s important that you know the product is safe and that it’s been tested. You want your products to be tested for microbes (stuff like fungus), bacteria (like E Coli), and heavy metals or pesticides. Oklahoma is about to roll out something called the unity bill, where some of these testing requirements are going to become mandatory. 

At Dr Z Leaf, we work hard to make sure the edibles that we carry are high quality so that you can feel comfortable and confident about the products we carry in store. 

To wrap up- we want people to be educated and aware. Edibles are an amazing product with some big upsides. But it’s important that people are educated about them. 

If you learned something from this- please share it with someone that you think could benefit from this information. It can be easy to take too much of an edible, especially for a first timer, so we really want to get this information out there. Cannabis can be an amazing benefit, and we dont want someone to have a bad experience because they did not have the knowledge they needed. 

As always, let us know in comments below if you have any questions, or any feedback about what we covered today. And please, let us know what topic you would like for us to cover next!

We really appreciate you, thank you SO So much for tuning in today! See you next time!