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Welcome to Dr. Z Leaf, the most trusted Tulsa Dispensary

We carry a large variety of the state’s highest quality cannabis products. We also offer an informative, non-intimidating and research backed buying experience for patients. Our premium dispensaries and trained cannabis consultants will help ensure that your visit to Dr. Z Leaf is comfortable, professional and informative. Visit one of our two convenient locations in Tulsa.

Dr. Z Leaf Offers The Best Patient Experience In The State

Personal Consultation

Our cannabis consultants are trained to listen to your concerns and patiently answer any questions you have. Receive trusted guidance on the benefits and selection of medical cannabis.

Comfortable shopping experience

Our patient experience is discreet, professional, easy and safe. Our premium dispensaries were built with you in mind, providing a pleasant environment and stress free shopping experience.

Trusted products

We carefully and responsibility source  products to ensure our patients can find safe, lab tested cannabis products at Dr. Z Leaf. Find a large selection of premium products in Tulsa, at a great price.

Learn About Our "Best For Patient Approach"

Cannabis can be confusing. And not every patient wants or needs the same thing. That is why we take a personalized approach to consulting patients at Dr. Z Leaf. We make sure that each and every person receives the right product at the right strength. This helps ensure that you receive relief at the level most comfortable to you. Our consultants are trained to ask the right questions to help you select a product that will be most effective and comfortable for your specific needs.

How Can Cannabis Help You?

Find relief from a natural plant based medicine that has been used around the world for thousands of years for its therapuetic effects. Click below to learn more about common conditions that can be treated with cannabis.


Relief from chronic pain is one of the most common reasons patients turn to cannabis. And the medical research is there to prove it works. Cannabis has also been shown to help patients with sleep. There are certain cannabis strains and products that can be very effective at helping patients get a restful night of sleep. Patients are also finding relief from a multitude of conditions and symptoms. Cancer related nausea, seizures, and PTSD to name a few. Visit our blog to learn more.

What makes cannabis effective at treating pain and other health conditions? Learn fact from fiction.


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New Patient Guide

Interested in Using Cannabis To Help With Pain Or Another Symptom And Not Sure Where To Start? This Article Is For You.  Cannabis can be a confusing thing. There are so many administration methods, so many strains, so many dispensaries, it can be hard to know where to...

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